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Grand Auto Glass handles your insurance so you don't have a hassle to get your windshield repairedGrand Auto Glass handles your insurance so you don't have a hassle to get your windshield repairedWhether you have a small windshield chip in need of repair or have a need for a whole new windshield, there's a pretty good chance you have insurance coverage.

Arizona has a state law requiring your insurance company to offer you full glass coverage with $0 deductible if you're buying comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage is typically required if you're leasing or making payments on your vehicle. It's still an option, but most Arizona insurance agent we talk to strongly encourage you to have this coverage because of the number of claims they see.

Will My Insurance Go Up Because Of A Broken Windshield?

Glass coverage in Arizona is defined by another state law as No-Fault, so your insurance rates won't be affected because you make a claim.

I Hate The Hassle Of Calling Insurance

Call Grand Auto Glass and let us handle it, FREE. We do this every day and we know what the insurance company people want. We'll call and handle the whole thing for you.  They usually need to confirm you're making the claim, so we'll conference you into the call for a moment to confirm that and then we take care of the rest - completely hassle-free for you.

If your insurance is covering it, we'll work with them and you to schedule your repair and get you back on the road quickly.

What If I Don't Have Glass Coverage?

It's always nice if your insurance will cover your windshield repair. If it doesn't, Grand Auto Glass will give you the best price on windshield repair.  Often, there is an aftermarket windshield available that will save you money as compared to an OEM windshield.  We work with several suppliers and will find the best price for you.

In addition to insurance, we take most of the major credit cards and, of course, cash.

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