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Windshield chips are a fact of life in Phoenix. Grand Auto Glass fixes them fast.Windshield chips are a fact of life in Phoenix. Grand Auto Glass fixes them fast.Phoenix has to be the World Capital of windshield chips! If you drive in the Valley it won't be long before you hear the sound of a rock hitting your windshield. If you're lucky, it's just a small chip in a spot that doesn't interfere with your view of the road. Getting a chip repaired immediately can keep it from "running" or spreading across your whole windshield.

Windshields are made with a special laminating process.  There are actually two layers of glass with a vinyl layer in the middle.  In an accident, the windshield may shatter, but it doesn't disintegrate into a million pieces.

When hit at highway speeds with a small rock, the outer layer may break, but the inner layer can stay intact.  If that's the case, and the size of the break is relatively small, we can fix it, saving you hundreds of dollars.

The Windshield Chip Repair Process

Beginning in the 1970's, people started experimenting with ways to fix windshield chips.  .While there are a number of patented methods, they all consist of filling the cracks with a clear resin adhesive. After the resin hardens, it restores the strength of the original glass and almost all of the clarity. Some systems use ultrasound waves, others use vacuum pumps. Some resins are self-curing, others are cured with ultraviolet light.

In the beginning, the methods were limited to cracks and chips no bigger than a quarter.  Today, the technology has improved to the point where we can often fix cracks up to 6 inches.  

Of course, size, placement and the type of windshield chip will affect the success of the repair.  Here's where the experience of the tech's at Grand Auto Glass makes a difference: our experts can tell at a glance if you have a repairable windshield chip or one that will require a full windshield replacement.

Windshield Chip Repair and Your Insurance

Obviously, repairing a windshield chip is cheaper than replacing your windshield. To that end, insurance companies often fix windshield chips without charging you for your deductible.

Also, Arizona has a law that you have to be offered no-fault auto glass coverage as part of your comprehensive insurance. If you're leasing or still making payments on your vehicle, you most likely have comprehensive coverage.  In any case, we'll handle talking with your insurance company to discover the extent of your coverage before any work begins.

Our Lifetime Chip Repair Promise

If your chip can't be repaired, Grand Auto Glass has an exclusive offer: If we replace your windshield, we will repair any chip in that windshield at no cost to you, no matter if your insurance covers chip repair or not. 

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